Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cells

If you are a player of the Horizon Zero Dawn you must be heard about the Power Cells which is one of the best things that you would love to acquire during your play. Do you know what is it that makes this weapon the favorite one for the players of this game? It is the unlimited fun and power that it can provide you which makes it so attractive for the users. Unlocking the Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cells will provide you with the Shield Weave armor in the game. Acquiring this armor will make Aloy, the main character of the game nearly invincible. It is limited for a particular period of time and once she wore it she cannot be defeated by the enemies until the armor expires.

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cells

In this game, the main goal of the player is to eliminate the enemies and stay survived for the maximum time. There is no other weapon in this game that can help the players like the power cells in this task. So, it is always a dream of the Horizon Zero Dawn players to achieve this amazing accessory for the game. But it is not an easy task for the players to gain this as it is available only on particular locations that you will move around in between. For an easy understanding of the areas where you can find this, we are providing the details of exact locations where they are available.

You can find the first power cell in the Underground Bunker that comes in your initial journey through the open world. You can find this power cell, following the path from where you find the Focus. The second power cell is available for the users at the All-Mother Temple. In your search for the amazing power cells, you can then try searching it in the Maker’s End for the third one. Grave Yard is a place that nobody likes to visit. But if you need the 4th power cell in the Horizon Zero Dawn PC game, it is the Grave Yard in the game where you can find it. If you are still on the hunt for the last and fifth one of the power cell, it is available for you in the GAIA Prime.

So, these are the five locations where the all good power cells are available and you can try each of these locations for them. It is not an assumption that the power cells are available there. We have gone through the different levels of the game and found that they are available for sure in those locations and nowhere else.

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