Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

Whenever a product comes from the Sony group, a lot of expectations arises in the mind of the users. Same thing happened when the Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the release of the Horizon Zero Dawn. To the greatest excitement to the users, this game had everything they expected in it.  This game hit the market in the first quarter of 2017. Within a few months itself it has fixed its place in the top list of games available for the PlayStation 4. This is an action based game in which Aloy, the main character of the game is making an adventurous journey through a World destroyed by Robots. The Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay is a good one to enjoy and people from different age groups are found to be regular players of this game.

horizon zero dawn gameplay

The Horizon Zero Dawn dlc requires the players to guide Aloy a hunter and archer through an imaginary World ruled by creatures that look like robots and named as Machines. The target of the player is to kill those creatures and loot their resources which will provide additional resources for Aloy. There are multiple ways to kill the machines and you can try the best one that suits as per the situation. Focus, a head piece worn by Aloy play a vital role in identifying the abilities of the machines and their locations. It can also help in identifying the resources that you can gain from the machine and their locations as well. That is why Focus is considered as the backbone of this game.

The machines in the Horizon Zero Dawn looks like wild animals that come with the abilities of a robot. Some of them can fly like an eagle, while some others can run faster like a leopard. To get secured from these machines, Aloy can opt multiple options including sliding, rolling etc. She can even hide also from the enemies and prevents herself from being attacked by the enemy machines. The locations through which Aloy moves on throughout the game requires some special mentioning. The developers of this game have designed it in such a way that you will love to watch those locations. The graphics of this game is also done in a pretty good way. It can make you feel that you are playing one of the best PlayStation game. So, try the Horizon Zero Dawn today itself.


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