Horizon Zero Dawn PC Download, Reviews and Features

The Horizon Zero Dawn PC has come up as one of the best console game available for the users who like to play a high-end video game with some extremely good features. Published under the brand name of the Electronics Giant Sony, this works almost in the same way as expected from a product coming from them. This video game is developed by the Guerilla Games who has a very good reputation as a Video Game developer. From the time, it was founded in 2000, they are found to be delivered some extremely good quality stuff to the end users. So, the expectations were also very high when they released the Horizon Zero Dawn and they proved to deliver as per the user expectations. This is the main reason behind the success of this game.

horizon zero dawn

The Horizon Zero Dawn is basically an action based game where you will be asked to fight against the monsters and bandits. Users who are considering buying a game for their PlayStation 4 can consider this game because of some of the best features available in it. It is the story of a Civilization in an era that looks like the Old Stone Age, who were forced to fight against the monsters for their survival. But this is not a story happening in the ancient times. It is the story of the future only where the humans faced some secret challenges on their existence and most of them vanished from the Earth. It is your duty to reveal the secret behind this. In this game, your enemies are mainly man-made machines and look like the old age dinosaurs.

The main character in this game is Aloy which is a female character and you need to play her role since the time she was a child. Now she will fight against her enemies and reveals the reasons behind the destruction of the majority of the humans on earth.

Features of Horizon Zero Dawn

It is the graphics part of the Horizon Zero Dawn that needs some special mentioning. Like most of the games designed for the PlayStation 4, this game also made it sure that the maximum gaming experience should be delivered to the end users. But you can find that this game is having it one level up than most of the other games. Another highlight of this game is the beauty of the location that you will go through at various levels of this game. The designers have taken some special care in this part. They have included the beauty of nature in this game in such a way that sometimes you might forget about playing the game and will stare at the background scenes. This makes the game the strongest one for children as they love to go through such sceneries.

It is the structure and looks of the monsters that you need to fight in this game is another attraction of this game. These creatures are created as a mixture of robots and the real animals that you can see today. For example, you can find creatures that look like deer but with a mechanical body. You can call it as a Robot deer. Similarly, you can find a lot of others as well including the old age dinosaurs. At some levels, you will also be forced to fight against other human beings also who are supporters of evil forces. The Horizon Zero Dawn also provides very good control for the users over the game. This is a very important feature that is required for games that are played through gaming consoles.

Guerrilla Games has released the latest patch with version 1.20 and this includes a lot of new features. As per the developer team, this patch is very much helpful for users who are working with the photo mode. Now you can make Aloy pose with various facial expressions and poses while you click her photo. This patch also includes some of the features that can upgrade the entire performance of the game. The overall performance of the app has improved with this patch and this gives a lot of confidence to the users. They expect the game to provide them with wonders, with the release of future updates.

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC

Since the release of this app for the PlayStation 4, people are eagerly searching for the Horizon Dawn PC option. But the sad news is that the Horizon Zero Dawn PC release is yet to be announced. As the website of this game claims that this app is exclusively for the PlayStation 4, the chances of them releasing a PC version is very low. However, we can hope that the increasing requirement of the users for the Horizon Zero Dawn PC version will force the developers to think about this. Until that time, we have no other option than playing it on the PlayStation 4 and waiting for the Horizon Zero Dawn PC release.

Same is the situation with the Android smartphone users also. They are not able to play this game on their devices now. In future, if an Android version of this app is released, users can download it from the in-built app store of Android device, i.e. Google Play Store.


Video Games are there in the market since a very long time and even after the release of the smartphones with high-end games they continue to rule the market. It is the dedicated features in the game console designed for this purpose that made it possible for them to perform like this. The Horizon Dawn Zero is the latest addition to the list of video games that can be played on the PlayStation 4. Like the other games designed to play on this game console, this one also has some amazing features. It was released in February 2017 and within the few months after its release, the Horizon Zero Dawn has fixed its place in the top list of games that can be played by people of all age groups.